Company Profile

AltoBeam Inc., founded in 2007, is a fabless semiconductor design company which focuses at development of IC chips for digital wireless communication, including Wi-Fi chips, silicon TV tuners and DTV demodulators. Altobeam created an international R&D team that is constantly innovating and forging ahead, with most of developers graduated from Stanford, California Berkeley, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other outstanding universities. Headquartered in Beijing China, AltoBeam is a global company with the R&D and operation center in Beijing and the branches in Shenzhen (China), Xiamen (China) and San Jose (US).

After years of striving in research and development, in 2017 AltoBeam started the mass production of the first generation of Wi-Fi chip ATBM602x series to support IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1T1R and compete with stable throughput rate and outstanding cost performance. And started the mass production of the second generation of Wi-Fi chip ATBM603x series and ATBM643x IoT Wi-Fi chip. After this, AltoBeam will release kinds of Wi-Fi chips with higher technical specifications and more integrated features to struggle in the broad market of WLAN and IoT.

With the ATBM20xx series of silicon TV tuners, AltoBeam is now exploiting global market with all its strength and continuously enhancing its R&D input to lead the industry innovations in next years. AltoBeam is committed to provide the world more and more cost-effective tuner models and become the most important vender in the world.

In the area of DTV demodulators, AltoBeam has been leading the DTMB industry for years with the ATBM88xx series DTMB demodulator ICs and ranked as one of the global key venders of DVB demodulators. Based on the unique algorithm architect and IC implementation, AltoBeam's demodulators realize highest performances with minimized semiconductor die sizes, especially for the DTV receiving in the difficult environments with multi-path echoes, heavy interferences and dynamic disturbances. Meanwhile, rely on the guarantees by robust design and district quality control in years, AltoBeam has won the trust and respect of the customers, including almost all mainstream TV makers in China and oversea, as well a great number of TV set-top-box makers in the world. So far the TV sets and STBs with ATBM88xx/78xx demodulators inside have been shipped to markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Middle America.