AltoBeam ATBM603x Wi-Fi Chip Officially Released

Publish Time:2019-04-06

AltoBeam announced the official release of the new generation of ATBM603x series Wi-Fi chips, Altobeam’s third-generation signal-chip SoC supporting 1T1R IEEE802.11 b/g/n, HT20 and HT40. It has started mass production in June, 2019. ATBM603x family, including ATBM6031 with SDIO interface and ATBM6032 with USB interface, can be used in internet TV sets, OTT set-top boxes, IP cameras, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and smart home appliances. The ATBM603x series use very small 4mm*4mm, QFN 28pin package, which reduce the chip cost and make it easier to design small Wi-Fi modules.

Since mass production of more than one year ago, AltoBeam’s previous generation ATBM602x series Wi-Fi chips have been adopted by many Tier 1 customers in Wi-Fi modules, IPTVs, OTT boxes and IP cameras application, with more than 10 million shipments. The superior RF performances, stable transmitting/receiving throughputs have been recognized by many customers.

ATBM603x series further improves the power consumption, cost, function and performance to meet customer needs. The ATBM603x requires small number of peripheral components, and provide customers with a more cost-effective on-chip (COB) solution.