AltoBeam Shipping ATBM253 Silicon Tuner in Volume

Publish Time:2020-08-31

ATBM253 silicon tuner is AltoBeam’s third-generation silicon tuner chip, supporting PAL, NTSC, SECAM analog TV standards, as well as DVB-T2/T/C2/C, DTMB, ATSC 3.0/ATSC/QAM, ISDB-T/C digital TV standards. Compared with the previous generation tuner chip ATBM2040, ATBM253 further reduces chip cost, uses a smaller 3x3mm2 24Pin QFN package, reduces power consumption by more than 25%, improves the immunity performance of adjacent channel and LTE interference , and meets the latest front-end test specifications of NorDig, D-Book and ATSC 3.0. ATBM253 has the smallest number of peripheral components in the industry, providing customers with the most cost-effective digital TV RF front-end design. ATBM253 uses a new DSP architecture and advanced digital filtering technology, which can achieve better RF performance and more flexible software configuration.

Since mass production started in September 2019, ATBM253 has been adopted by many domestic mainstream TVs, TV boards, set-top boxes and other digital TV receiver manufacturers. Its RF performance and stability have been proven by the market, and the shipment volume increased rapidly from Q1, 2020. AltoBeam has become the largest supplier of silicon tuner chips in China. In addition to China market, set-top boxes and TVs with ATBM253 are also shipped to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Europe, North America and South America.