ATBM6062 Series

ATBM6062 series is highly integrated IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax and Bluetooth LE v5.0 Combo chip with USB or SDIO interface.

General features

• Intergrated low power MCU, 2.4GHz RF, WiFi4/6 baseband, MAC

• Integrated PA, LNA, Balun and T/R switch

• Support 802.11n Short-GI

• Support 20MHz and 40MHz channel bandwidth 

• Support STA, AP and STA+AP modes

• Support BSS, P2P and Miracast function

• Support A-MSDU and STBC stream reception

• Support WPA, WPA2, WPA3 personal

• Support 24MHz(default) and 40MHz crystal and external clock

• 5x5 QFN32 package

Bluetooth features

• Support Bluetooth LE v5.0 standards

• Support BLE Coded PHY (Long range)

• Tx power Max.14dBm (class 1) 

• Support BLE 1Mbps and 2Mbps

WiFi6 features

• Support 802.11n/ax LDPC TX and RX

• Support 1024QAM modulation

• Support all data rates of MSC0 to 11, up to 286.8Mbps for both TX and RX


• Support TWT technology

Peripheral interface

• USB 2.0 (ATBM6062-U) or SDIO 2.0 (ATBM6062-S)

• I2C master/slave


• SPI master/slave


• TV, Set Top Box (STB)

• IP camera

• USB Wi-Fi dongle

• Wi-Fi module

• Industrial Wi-Fi equipment

• Smart appliances

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