AltoBeam Achieved ISO9001:2008

Publish Time:2011-02-09
February 09, 2011 11:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time


BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AltoBeam, a developer of advanced DTV semiconductors, today announced that it has been awarded the ISO-9001:2008 certification in the area of “design and development of digital TV chips.” The certification was issued by British Standards Institution (BSI), a leading international management system auditor.

           AltoBeam offers a range of DTV demodulators for the China TV market that are in full compliance with the country’s terrestrial DTV broadcasting standard, the DTMB (GB20600-2006). The company’s products have been adopted by a majority of the global TV manufacturers and module makers.

“We are excited that our young company is now ISO-9001 certified, a major milestone in our never-ending journey of continuous improvement,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, Chairman and CEO of AltoBeam. “The fact that we have achieved the ISO-9001 status in our fourth year of operation is a testimony of our relentless pursuit of excellence.”

           “We are excited to have been chosen by LG Innotek for the second consecutive year,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, CEO of AltoBeam. “The ATBM8859 not only maintains the smooth reception standard established by our ATBM884x family, but also offers an expanded and improved feature set, making it the clear DTMB/DVB-C demodulator choice for global TV and module makers.”

           “In today’s competitive business environment, brand conscious TV makers need explicit evidence to assess the quality of their suppliers. In many cases, having the ISO-9001 certification is a prerequisite to conduct long-term business with them,” added Qi Deng, VP of International Sales for AltoBeam. “And now, we have it.”

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