AltoBeam raised $8 million to advance the Digital TV chipset market

Publish Time:2009-02-12


AltoBeam announced that it closed a round of financing of $8 million to push the Chinese terrestrial Digital TV market and the mobile TV market. The investors include DFJ Dragon Fund, DFJ, Tano Capital,PYJ-Dynasty Venture Fund, and well-regarded Stanford professors.

AltoBeam is a high-tech company developing Digital TV receiver chips. The company was founded in 2007 and now has two models of high-performance low-power terrestrial demodulator chips (ATBM8810 and ATBM8811). Both chips are in volume production in 2008. ATBM8810 uses the LQFP packaging, and is suitable for Set-Top-Box and TV. ATBM8811 uses the BGA packaging, and is targeting mobile and handheld terminals.

Both chips utilize advanced wireless technologies to efficiently address the echo interferences that are common in complex geographical deployment scenarios, and apply the echo energy to obtain the smoothest Digital TV reception quality. The remarkable reception quality is already validated in several markets, such as Hong Kong and Yunnan. Currently, multiple manufacturers have designed consumer products using the AltoBeam chips, brought products to market, and received excellent market feedback.

"Terrestrial Digital TV receiver chip has a huge market outlook. Currently the market is about to experience explosive growth. The investors DFJ Dragon Fund, DFJ, Tano Capital and PYJ-Dynasty Venture Fund share a common vision with AltoBeam and brought on board rich resources. We are very pleased to collaborate with them and contribute to the adoption and proliferation of the Digital TV technology", Steve Zeng the CEO and Chairman of AltoBeam commented, "at the same time, I'd like to express gratitude to all the friends and potential investors for their support of AltoBeam".

"The founders' talent, team spirits, and passion remind me of the early days on the founding team of Atheros Communications (Nasdaq: ATHR).? Altobeam is by far the best company I have seen working on the China terrestrial standard in terms of both technical ability and product execution," said Patrick Yue, the founder of PYJ-Dynasty.

"Tano Capital (TCPEFI) is a private equity firm focused on the high-growth industries in the developing countries of Asia. We are very pleased to participate in funding a company like AltoBeam with both a strong team and impeccable execution capabilities, and expect to continue our support to help it grow into a world-wide leader in Digital TV receiver semiconductor design", said Mr. Liu Jiren, founder and CEO of Tano Capital.

"I was a system designer for many years at Intel, so I appreciate a superb product in technical features, reliability, and ease of design.? This round of funding is our commitment to our customers to continue to provide the best local design enabling and customer support", said Andy Tang, executive board member of DFJ Dragon.