AltoBeam ATBM601x/602x WLAN Controller Officially Released and Shipped

Publish Time:2018-02-06

AltoBeam's wireless LAN controller chip ATBM601x series and ATBM602x series started mass production and shipment in December 2017. The ATBM601x family, including ATBM6011 with SDIO interface and ATBM6012 with USB interface are single-chip SoC supporting HT20 mode of 1T1R IEEE802.11 b/g/n. And the ATBM602x family, including ATBM6021 with SDIO interface and ATBM6022 with USB interface are single-chip SoC supporting both HT20 and HT40 modes of 1T1R IEEE802.11 b/g/n. ATBM601x /602x series chips can be used in internet TV sets, OTT set-top boxes, smart appliances and IOT products. Offering cost-effective Wi-Fi controller solutions with superior RF performances, stable transmitting/ receiving throughputs and lower BOM cost, the ATBM601x/602x series chips have been adopted by the first batch of customers in 1T1R Wi-Fi modules, as well the Wi-Fi COB designs of TV board and OTT STB.