AltoBeam Releases ATBM6433 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo IoT Chip

Publish Time:2020-01-09

AltoBeam announced the official release of first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth BLE Combo IoT chip with part number ATBM6433. ATBM6433 chip integrates 1T1R Wi-Fi baseband, 2.4GHz RF front-end circuit, low power MCU processor, low power Bluetooth BLE transceiver and 2Mbytes Flash memory. It supports built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless network protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack, can realize Wi-Fi network function independently. ATBM6433 also supports Wi-Fi network configuration via Bluetooth. ATBM6433 is housed with 5mm * 5mm, QFN 40pin package, and supports a variety of peripheral interfaces such as UART, I2C, SDIO, SPI, JTAG, PWM, GPIO and ADC input to fulfil the various needs of IoT products.

ATBM6433 is mainly used in the fields of intelligent electrician, intelligent lighting, intelligent home appliances, industrial control, etc. It supports mainstream domestic and international IoT cloud platforms, provides one-stop hardware and software services for IoT product development with very low cost and very short development cycle.

AltoBeam’s another Wi-Fi IoT chip, ATBM6431, has been adopted by many IoT module and terminal product manufacturers. It has been used in a variety of intelligent single/multi-socket switches, smart lights and other products. AltoBeam’s Wi-Fi chips are also widely used in TVs and wireless cameras, and have become the mainstream product of the single-antenna Wi-Fi chip.